Federal Territory (Judgments)

Federal Territory (SROs)

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326(I)/2020 27-04-2020 Amendment in ICT Ordinance, 2001 dated 27.04.2020 3 (2A) (a)
781(I)/2018 21-06-2018 Amendment in SRO 495(I)/2016 dated 04-07-2016 3 (2A) (a)
641(I)/2017 13-07-2017 Exemption from Sales Tax on Goods and Services Provided to the German Development Agency 3 (2A) (c)
590(I)/2017 01-07-2017 To exempt IT Services from S.T Under ICT Ordinance 2001 3 (2A) (c)
495(I)/2016 04-07-2016 Rationalization of rate of sales tax on services in Islamabad Capital Territory 3 (2A) (a)