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Sales Tax Law & Practice

Pakistan Custom Guidelines

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  • Category Sales Tax
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  • Edition 16th Edittion
  • Year 2022-2023
  • Amended 2nd February 2023
  • Author S.M Ramzan Gillani

TaxHelpline launced the 10th Edition of Pakistan Customs Guidelines by S.M. Ramzan Gillani with all latest updates. This Book is highly recommended for the guidelines on the PCT Classifications of different Plants, Machinery, Chemicals and other items. We compiled the Public Notices, Standing Order, Classifications etc., since 1980 to onwards.

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S. M Ramzan Gillani has been writing Journals and Books for the last many years. “Sales Tax Law & Practice” is a very successful compilation of the Author. New Edition of Sales Tax Law and Practice is full of information and Knowledge. The very outstanding point of this book is that simple English language has been used while placing any material under the various section of the Sales Tax Act, 1990. The Author has set issue-specific headlines from the case laws and judgements of the Superior Courts and his unique work make Sales Tax Law easier to understand and interesting to read. Explanation, comments and Clarifications put forth for the readers make an ideal book for readers.

Practical illustrations and questions and answers are another commendable work of the author. FBR clarifications & ruling are available.This book is very helpful for Tax Managers, Consultants, Advocates and Students of taxation. In short, writer has made “Sales Tax Act, 190” an interesting topic and subject for readers to understand. This is a reference book for facilitation purpose only. This book is only for Education purpose, the Readers of this Sales Tax book must consult the original text of laws, rules, procedures etc. and other material including Case laws / Judgements from the library of the Concerned Departments, Courts and Bar or visit their official websites.

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