FBR issued ATL for Tax Year 2018, Active taxpayers decline to 1.6 million

The FBR issued ATL for the latest tax year on every first day of March. In the latest ATL the number of active taxpayers reduced to 1.6 million from 1.84 million as per the last weekly updated ATL for Tax Year 2017, showing fall of 240,000 returns submitted to the tax authorities.

The number of active taxpayers will not further increased as late return filers have been deprived of appearing on the ATL.

The previous government in its last budget announcement made a law to restrict the list with those name, who filed their list by due date.

Through Finance Act, 2018 a new provision Section 182A was added to Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 for this purpose.

The appearance of name has become even more important after the amendments brought in to restrict non-filers in purchase / registering new motor vehicles and immovable properties.

With the issuance of new active taxpayers’ list the FBR will also suspend the weekly updated list as the late filers have been denied to have their names on the list.


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